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Child Custody

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Child custody is a very serious matter. A knowledgeable child custody and visitation lawyer will help ensure that you know your rights.

Know Your Rights

Florida's child custody statute has changed as of October 1, 2008. If your case was filed before then, it will be guided by the "old law" which provides for a primary and secondary custodial parent. If your case was filed after October 1, 2008, it will be guided by the current law, which provides for a detailed parenting plan.

At the Law Office of Kenneth M. Jayne, Attorney Jayne will let you know what the criteria are so that you can see what the court looks at and how your actions will reflect upon you when you're front of a judge. Contact our Pensacola child custody lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation.

The firm can assist you with the following child custody and visitation matters:

  • Interstate custody and support
  • Military custody cases and rights to your child
  • Establishing paternity (getting contact time)
  • Primary custody (if primary residential parent)
  • Joint custody and shared parenting
  • Relocation issues
  • Custody and support modification
  • Parenting plans

In child custody and visitation matters, both parents, regardless of the contact time, may maintain the major decision-making roles in their children's lives when it comes to medical care, education, and religion.

Child Custody and Paternity

There are many misconceptions when it comes to child custody and paternity matters. It is important to understand your rights sooner rather than later, so that you can protect yourself and your children.


Especially in military divorce, relocation is an important issue. If you have any questions regarding the relocation of children, contact attorney Kenneth M. Jayne.

Child Support

Florida child support guidelines provide a basic amount of support. The amount may increase based on the child's private school, extracurricular activities, or health insurance costs.

Know your rights. Contact a Pensacola child custody lawyer at the Law Office of Kenneth M. Jayne, P.A.

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